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Prodotti Olio e Vino
Prodotti Olio e Vino
Naima epitomises this part of the Cilento,
It is created here because it is only here that it can happen.
This wine whose name conjures up Coltrane is not a constructed wine
It rejects any control, just as its land.
The wine called Naima just exists,
And, to be understood, it has no need for any sensorial testing.
Bitter and sweet at the same time, it is rich with an absolute simplicity.
This is a wine emanating “a white heat”, the most blinding heat, the one of fusion.
This wine is like a Philosopher’s stone one spends years to find after a long search
A night time wine, marking a border experience from light to dark, where the time passing by is not suspended anymore, the past and the present are linked together.
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